Tilt up

Tilt Up is a constructive method created in 1906, widely used in North America, reaching 15% of total industrial works. Libercon in order to offer a wider range of options for its customers, has invested in technology and now has a portfolio of over 300,000 square meters built on that system.

In this construction system, precast concrete panels build the entire facade, serving as structural and closing elements. The floor is concreted and used as a mold for the implementation of concrete panels, which are then lifted to a vertical position and anchored. After cover’s setting and the upper portion of the panels locking, the struts of the mounting stage are removed.

Aesthetically, Tilt Up system offers greater flexibility due to the possibility to work the concrete walls with textures and reliefs. In addition, subject to favorable weather conditions, there may be a gain in the total work time.

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