Awards and Rankigs

Master Imobiliário Award 2012

Recognized as the highest award in the industry, Master Imobiliário Award is the homage of the real estate industry to its masters and to the high level of architecture, engineering, construction, among other segments. In 2012, the Award was given to a Logistic Parks, the Prologis CCP Cajamar I, built by Libercon for Prologis CCP.

Greening Award 2012

Greening Award is a recognition by the leadership and pioneering spirit of the whole process of "Green Building" in Brazil and is part of a global project of Reed Exhibition, in partnership with GBC.  The Green Building Council Brasil recognized Libercon Engenharia as a company that concentrates its activities and constructive methods based on sustainable building principles, and as responsible for the consolidation of a broad portfolio of certified projects or in the process of LEED Certification in Sustainability. As a result, Libercon received the Greening Award 2012, in the category Construction Company.

9th, 10th, 11th and 12th ITC Ranking

ITC Ranking of the Top 100 Construction Companies lists the most representative civil construction firms, with the largest built areas, in the current year.

Liberconis positioned, since 2012, among the 100 largest construction companies in Brazil.

OE Industrial Construction Ranking 2016

In June 2016 Liberconachieved the first position, in Brazil, with 1.143.584square meters built between 2013 and 2015, in the first edition of the Industrial Construction Ranking, compiled by the “O Empreiteiro” magazine, one of the mostrelevant publications within the civil construction market.

OE Brazilian Enginnering Ranking 2016I

In August 2016, Liberconachieved the third position in the São Paulo Regional Ranking and the 34th place in the General (Brazil) Ranking, consolidatingitself, one more time, as one of the major construction companies in the country.

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