Prologis CCP Cajamar II

Technical Information

Condomínio Logístico
Customer: Prologis-CCP
Location: Cajamar / SP
Built-up Area: 236.955m²
Conclusion: July / 2014


Incorporated by Prologis CCP, Libercon Client since 2012, Prologis CCP Cajamar II, built by Libercon Engenharia in 2014, is another logistics park incorporated by Prologis CCP with its guarantee of quality and profitability.

The development of approximately 237 thousand m² on a land of 783 thousand m², has 4 warehouses and the whole structure of support to logistics operation as gatehouses, cafeterias, parking and others. The free head room (storage area) is 11.7 m and the concrete floor has an overload capacity of 5 tons per m². It’s located next the Anhanguera Highway, in the city of Cajamar, State of São Paulo.

Prologis CCP Cajamar II has a constructive differential used abroad.  The Tilt-Up process consists of executing the walls horizontally, raising them after ready, as if it were a assembly game. The tilt-up arrived in Brazil in the 90's and currently there are still few Construction Companies able to undertake projects from the beginning to the end. The construction follows the architectural precepts of Cajamar Industrial Park and was designed and built to meet the most demanding global parameters in logistics, distribution and Sustainability

Av. das Nações Unidas, 11.857 - 2nd floor Zip Code 04578-000 | São Paulo, SP - Brazil