GLP Campinas

Technical Information

Condomínio Logístico
Customer: Global Logistic Properties
Location: Campinas / SP
Built-up Area: 61.000 m²
Conclusion: December / 2013


Incorporated by Global Logistic Properties, Libercon Client since 2012, GLP Campinas has only one warehouse of the four of the development, built by Libercon Engenharia in 2013.

Warehouse C has approximately 18 thousand m² on a land of 188 thousand m², 4 warehouses of various sizes  and the whole structure of support to logistics operation as gatehouses, cafeterias, parking and others. The free head room (storage area) is 10.5 m to 12 m and the concrete floor has an overload capacity of 6 tons per m². It’s located next to the Anhanguera Highway, in the city of Campinas, State of São Paulo.

Av. das Nações Unidas, 11.857 - 2nd floor Zip Code 04578-000 | São Paulo, SP - Brazil