Atrium Faria Lima Building

Technical Information

Edifício Corporativo
Certificado LEED
Customer: Autonomy / Sandria
Location: São Paulo / SP
Built-up Area: 25.065 m²
Conclusion: May / 2012


Incorporated by Autonomy Investimentos, Libercon Client since 2011, Atrium Faria Lima Building, built by Libercon Engenharia in 2012 is a great reference in the market of Commercial Buildings.

The development of approximately 25 thousand m², divided into 13 floors with slabs between 750 and 815 m², a double floor slab of thousand square meters and head room of 6.60 m, cover, floor and basements. Located between the streets Cariris and Diogo Moreira, in Pinheiros, west region of São Paulo, the project is recognized for its architecture.  Its connection with the environment, one of the main characteristics of the Atrium family, remained through the ground floor with head room of eight meters, the absence of division and cafeteria.

Atrium Faria Lima Building also received the LEED Certification as a result of the adoption of strict standards to provide, in the works and operation of the building, the smallest environmental impact possible, increase energy efficiency and the adoption of renewable systems as natural ventilation and lighting, recycling water and adoption of standardized materials and products.

Av. das Nações Unidas, 11.857 - 2nd floor Zip Code 04578-000 | São Paulo, SP - Brazil