Drogaraia Distribution Center

Technical Information

Expansão do Centro de Distribuição
Customer: Hines
Location: Embu / SP
Built-up Area: 5.600 m²
Conclusion: February / 2011


Incorporated by Hines of Brazil, Libercon Client since 2007, Centro de Drogaraia Distribution Center was expanded by Libercon Engenharia in 2011.

The construction of the distribuition center was not the responsibility of Libercon Engenharia, but its expansion was made by the company.  The warehouse was expanded into approximately 5 thousand m² making its structure more complete, modern and dynamic. Located in Embu das Artes, São Paulo, the structure has exclusive access. Drogaraia Distribution Center is another development of the investor Hines and like all works of the company, follows a strict quality standard and is designed and built to meet the most demanding global logistics and distribution parameters.

Av. das Nações Unidas, 11.857 - 2nd floor Zip Code 04578-000 | São Paulo, SP - Brazil