Prologis CCP, Libercon client since 2012
Global Logistic Properties, Libercon client since 2012
Hines do Brasil, Libercon client since 2007
Pátria Investimentos, Libercon client since 2012
Sancargo Logística, Libercon client since 2011
Alpla Brasil, Libercon client since 2009
Yuny Incorporadora, Libercon client since 2013
BSP Emp. Imob., Libercon client since 2014
Pylos Brasil, Libercon client since 2013


For Libercon, it is essential to create, along with the Libercon Engenharia Clients and partners, a culture of transparency, seriousness and commitment.  With almost 100% of recurrence of contract and partners working with us for almost 10 years,  the company is proud to see the growth of its customer base.

Planned to be fully conversant with the particularities of each client, Libercon Engenharia attempts to identify critical points of each project and address them with the highest priority.  With solid works and growing presence in the market, our company develops complete solutions for the Libercon Engenharia Clients, creating new concepts and developing customized solutions, from design to construction. 

Av. das Nações Unidas, 11.857 - 2nd floor Zip Code 04578-000 | São Paulo, SP - Brazil