Libercon Engenharia through rigorous audit processes, conquered and maintains since 2015 important Certifications such as ISO 9001 and PBQP-h, possessing and taking, internally, requirements for its Quality Management System. Certifications influence even the way the company is managed, with the ultimate goal to identify and meet the unique needs of our customers.

ISO 9001

The purpose of this international certification is the improvement of the Quality Management Processes of a company, through methodologies and checks that can be put into practice together with the operating rules. To obtain this certification, the company must necessarily fulfill, rigorously, a number of requirements. The final result with ISO 9001 is the significant improvement in quality of products and/ or services that are delivered to customers and it can also be used to measure their satisfaction.


The Brazilian Program of Quality and Productivity of Habitat (PBQP-h), is a national standard, which aims to organize the Construction sector on issues related to improving habitat quality and production modernization. The standard is based on ISO 9001, but applies only to the construction companies. The main difference from ISO is the control of specific records for materials and services along with the preparation of the project quality plan. With the implementation of PBQP-h, companies begin to experience significant cost reductions and at the same time, improving the final quality of its products and services, as well as greater control over the production process and efficiency gains.

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